For almost 170 years, countless Catholics and visitors of every faith and Christian denomination have crossed the threshold of this holy place, experiencing the presence of God and filling it with prayer, song and contemplation. I am privileged to share this experience every day, with parishioners and visitors alike.

The cathedral not only serves as the seat of the Bishop of Salford and therefore the Mother Church of the Diocese of Salford but also continues to serve as the parish church for the local Catholic community, which is constantly evolving. The cathedral is therefore, a living house of prayer where Holy Mass and the sacraments of the Church are celebrated all year round.

In 2020 the Cathedral Church and St Joseph’s, Ordsall formally amalgamated under the new parish name of  Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Joseph. The two parish communities have been closely linked for a number of years and this new parish name has brought our two communities together as one parish.

On the feast of St Joseph,  18th March 2020 St Joseph, Ordsall celebrated its last Mass.

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