Baptism Preparation Group

The main objective of this ministry or course is to prepare families who intend to get their children ages 0-5 to to receive the great sacrament of baptism. The course explores the idea that baptism is the start of a lifelong journey of faith within the context of the family. And as parents who have ourselves been through the process, we share our experiences of faith with these families and support one another to take up this great responsibility to nurture the children in the Catholic faith. It helps parents to think about why they are choosing to baptize their child into the Catholic faith and examining what happens during the ceremony, why it happens and how it happens. The latter helps reduce the worries and anxieties about the practical implications of this event. Our faith sharing and reflections are guided by the a 90 mins DVD we watch together about the whole process and the 7 main parts during a baptism ceremony. We utilise and reflect upon 12 key questions which help deepen our knowledge and understanding of the sacrament of Baptism. We encourage active participation and feedback from parents indicate that they find the method we use really beneficial.

Like all catholic parishes, this ministry is an essential catechitical endeavour and has always been present in one form or other within the Parish. But the current format was introduced by Fr Michael and Fr Joe when they were first appointed to the Cathedral Parish nearly 4 years ago. Fr Joe prepared the team who currently lead the course.

Baptism Preparation courses happen bimonthly on Saturday from 10:30 – 12:00. A presentation of the children to the Parish family occurs the following day at Mass usually after the homily. Parents in collaboration with the Parish Priest and/or the Curate pick suitable dates foe the actual baptism of their children.

At the Cathedral we take the safeguarding of children very seriously, therefore, should you wish to get involved in the baptism preparation group, you should see Fr.Michael or the Parish office in the first instance.