Children's Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy team run a group during the 11am Mass each Sunday (apart from during the school holidays).

The group was formed over 30 years ago and has been based in many areas of the Cathedral throughout the years. Our group now meet in the Cathedral Cloisters and we have a large number of children attending. At one point the “team” was down to 3 people. Our team has grown over the past couple of years and the activity materials are prepared centrally for us giving us more time to focus on supporting the children. There is a regular group of children who attend, but we tend to have  children visiting each week. Each Sunday during Mass.

We meet regularly and have found more convenient ways of organising our group – we now have a Whatsapp group and this enables all the team members to keep in touch and change dates on the rota that is put together if they are unable to attend any session. We take safeguarding very seriously and anyone wanting to get involved in Childrens Liturgy as a ministry would need to speak with the Parish office in order to ensure all procedures are followed correctly.