Salford Young Adult Catholic Group

The purpose of this group is to allow for young professionals to come together by creating a vibrant community and opportunity to meet like-minded people to discuss and explore faith related subjects. The goal of the community is to provide a space for young Catholics and people who are considering joining the Catholic church or becoming Christian to meet and partake in activities with fellow young adult Catholics and Christians which is otherwise lacking in their lives. There is also consideration for ecumenical work and/or works of charity and evangelization.

Each session will alternate between the following subjects;


  1. The session will start with Scripture reading
  2. There will then be a brief talk regarding the passage approved beforehand by Father Michael or Father Alf.
  3. This will be proceeded by either a video lecture on the topic, or immediately take it to the floor for discussion and sharing of thoughts. The goal of this session is to help foster knowledge of the bible, and create opportunities for young adults to discuss and explore these themes and topics as well as introduce participants to different ways of reading the bible (i.e. bible project) while remaining heterodox


  1. The session will open with a brief summary of the cultural topic to be discussed, approved beforehand by Father Michael or Father Alf.
  2. A short video may be shown regarding the topic. If there is a guest speaker, he/she will give his speech instead
  3. Question and answer session. The goal of this session is to create opportunities to discuss faith related subjects as it pertains to the real world. Introducing participants to different ways of worship in Christian and Catholic faith (Taize worship, Hillsong, different religious orders etc) is also an option. It would be ideal to have guest speakers from different Catholic and religious groups (Jewish, Jesuit and Dominican orders, Muslim communities).


  1. The session will open with a brief summary of the subject of the film and the purpose of watching the film.
  2. The film is then streamed for the group.
  3. Discussion of the film after viewing is finished

An image of a poster for the salford young adult catholic group

The group is open to young people in the age group of 21-35 years old, Catholic or Christian. Members must be living in the general vicinity of Salford/Manchester.

If you’d like to find out more you can email us at or contact the parish office at