We Need Your Help to Wrap Up Salford this Winter!

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We were thrilled with the amount of coats that were donated by parishioners during our Wrap Up Salford appeal in Winter 2021! Throughout Salford, almost 3000 coats were donated. This year Wrap Up Salford is back – the coat collection point will be at the back of the cathedral from Sunday 23 October.

The central idea of Wrap Up is simple: there are many people in dire need of warm clothing in winter, and others who have warm coats in good condition which they are happy to give away.

Wrap Up Salford seeks to connect the two groups by creating collection points to obtain coats, and distributing the coats to people in need via registered charities.

In 2022 we need your thick, warm winter coats for all ages. If they’re waterproof, even better!

Please make sure that coats have intact linings and working buttons, zips etc. They are being given as gifts to people and families who cannot afford to replace any existing coat and often have no winter coats at all.

The Collection Box will be at Salford Cathedral between Saturday 23rd October and Monday 8th November 2021

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Warm a Heart, Give a Coat.