Our Proposed External Lighting Scheme

Cathedral Lights

As part of the external restoration of our cathedral beginning next week, a new lighting system will be installed. Despite its prominent status on the city’s skyline, the cathedral has been without external lighting for some time.

The proposed lighting design reintroduces external lighting at night, highlighting the architectural forms of the cathedral and its spire. Modern light fixtures and lighting controls will be used to maximise light fixture lifespan whilst minimising energy usage.

The exact details of the control system will be defined on site; it is anticipated that the lighting will use circa 1.25kW whereas the previous lighting scheme would have used around 5.00kW. This is in keeping with our goal to make Salford Cathedral the most sustainable cathedral in the country. Light testing is scheduled to go ahead in summer 2022 and will determine the best position for the lights to illuminate the facade most effectively.

From a theological perspective, the cathedral spire reminds us of a world beyond our own by pointing heavenward. Illuminating the spire becomes an act of evangelisation, reminding the local community that we are all on a journey from one life to another.

Our Restoration Project is a community-driven endeavour; as such we welcome any comments or questions you have on the lighting scheme! Please fill in this feedback form to let us know your thoughts.

If you have any other queries regarding the restoration project, please email communications@salfordcathedral.co.uk.