Cathedral Restoration Update: Secondary Glazing Work Begins


One of the most detailed processes in Phase 1 of our Cathedral Restoration Project is the secondary glazing of every window. By introducing additional glazing to our existing windows, we will not only protect the glass for the future but also address the issue of heat loss from the building. Contractors are using innovative techniques to replicate the shape of each panel of glass. This method involves tracing the shape of each window, applying this pattern to glass and cutting it out to fit. The secondary glass will then be fitted with lead behind the original, allowing for far greater insulation within our cathedral with minimal difference in look. This technique has only been used in a few historical buildings in the UK, including Durham Cathedral.

As you can see in the photos below, contractors have been using a cherry picker to reach the high windows, delicately tracing each shape and its leading patterns. This is painstaking work but will help to make our cathedral much more energy efficient.

Masonry work has now also begun on the cathedral’s exterior. The stone will be cleaned and repaired where damaged. This will create some noise during the work, but will restore the glory of our cathedral in pride of place on Chapel Street.

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